Head To Work Safely During The Pandemic With These Office Safety Tips

Heading out to work in the pandemic can expose us to the virus. Still, we need to make a living to sustain our families. Stay safe when you head to the office with these safety tips.

Head To Work Safely During The Pandemic With These Office Safety Tips

Going to work in this pandemic can be daunting. Outside, we just never know what risks we’re being exposed to. During our commute, or even in our offices, there’s always the risk of getting into contact with someone or something with the virus. The quarantine measures imposed during the months of lockdown kept us safe, but still, we can’t stay cooped up inside our homes forever. Not only will it leave the economy suffering in a standstill, but it will leave us unable to work and sustain the needs of our families. So as you head out to bring home the bacon, make sure to do everything to protect yourself from the coronavirus. Ahead, we list down some office safety tips that you can adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blue mask and two sanitizers with dark background
Pack your own disinfectant kit with you before heading out (Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA / Unsplash)

1. Bring your own sanitation kit

Surely, your workplace will have its own supply of alcohol and sanitizers at hand to help you disinfect your hands whenever you enter the premises. Still, it would help a lot if you brought your own sanitation kit with you, containing a bottle of hand sanitizer or alcohol, a bottle of liquid soap, an extra set of facemasks, disinfectant wipes, and perhaps even an EPA-approved surface disinfectant that you can use to clean your desks, chairs and other items in the office before you use them (if not, spritzing on alcohol on your items rid viruses too!). Carry it with you in your bag at all times, so you can also use them when riding public transportation to and from your work.

2. Wear your mask and face shield at all times

By now, these two are mandatory when entering most establishments, as are undergoing temperature checks and filling out contact tracing forms. But once you enter your office and settle in your desk, don’t remove them just yet! COVID-19 is transmissible through the air with tiny droplets -- that means, you’re even more at risk in closed, indoor spaces. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry during your work hours.

One of the best office safety tips for COVID-19 is to wear your protective masks.
Don’t take off your protective gear outside. (Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash)

3. Practice social distancing

We’ve been hearing this safety tip since the COVID-19 first broke out earlier this year, but as you can be infected by the virus through direct contact with people, it’s still necessary to keep this practice in mind. Even if you and all your officemates have tested negative prior to returning to work, we’re never entirely sure if they or you have caught the virus after taking the test. Always regard yourself not only as a person susceptible to the disease but a possible carrier as well, so keep yourself and everyone around you safe by keeping a distance from them. According to the Department of Health, it’s best to always stand at least one meter away from one another to minimize risks.

4. Leave your office supplies

When you’re done with your day, if possible, don’t take any of your work items with you as you head home. Doing work outside work can be a cause for burnout, but aside from that, bringing your items with you from one place to another also exposes them to the virus. Protect your home and your workplace from being infected by only taking the absolute necessities with you.

Temperature check during pandemic.
Watch out for COVID-19 symptoms. (Photo by Weenail / Unsplash)

5. Monitor your health

Finally, always take care of your health. Work is important, but our bodies should come as our first priority. When you’re feeling unwell and you’re experiencing one of the symptoms of COVID-19, don’t just brush it off however mildly it appears. Be honest with your symptoms and don’t go to your office. If you can, coordinate with your managers and see if a temporary work-from-home arrangement is possible as you recuperate. So you can go back to business as soon as possible, book a virtual consultation with a physician through SeeYouDoc to get proper diagnosis and treatment before returning to work.

Going out to earn a living is a responsibility we must accept to get through these times. But aside from that, let’s avoid going out on unnecessary trips to minimize exposure to COVID-19. Lessening our contact with the outside world is the best way to keep ourselves and our family healthy and safe at home.

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