Dental Prophylaxis

With the various things that we eat in a day to day basis, sometimes, brushing and flossing are not enough. A dental prophylaxis is needed to not only clean your teeth, but also to monitor your teeth alignment as well as other possible oral diseases! Read up here.

Dental Prophylaxis

A dental prophylaxis is a cleaning methodology performed to completely clean the teeth. Prophylaxis is an essential dental treatment to prevent tooth decays and gum disease.

Tooth decay and gum disease usually happen because of plaque. Dental plaque is a colorless, soft buildup of bacteria on your teeth, resulting in a 'fuzzy' feeling on the surface of each tooth. These bacteria become particularly troublesome if they are not removed through brushing your teeth and  flossing.

The bacteria in plaque feed off the sugar in your food, producing acid in the process. This acid degrades tooth enamel, causing cavities. Multiple layers of plaque can harden, forming tartar. If not attended to right away, this may cause cavities, tooth loss, and even gum disease.

What is a Prophylaxis?

Prophylaxis is a procedure done by dentists and orthodontists alike. Prophylaxis helps keep the oral cavity healthy and to stop the progression of gum disease. Here are some benefits of getting a prophylaxis from your dentist:

Tartar Removal

Tartar and plaque development, both above and underneath the gum line, can cause serious gum issues when left untreated. Although brushing and flossing are the basics when it comes to preventing tooth and gum disease, it is not enough. These basic techniques tend have a difficult in removing debris, bacteria, and deposits from gum pockets. The accomplished eye of a dental specialist utilizing particular dental hardware is required to spot and treat issues of tartar and plaque development, amongst other things.

No More Yellowing Teeth

It’s hard to give a confident smile when you know that you have yellowing and stained teeth.  Yellowing of the teeth or staining usually happens because of the different food that we eat such as coffee or artificial juices. Prophylaxis can rid the teeth of unsightly stains and return the smile to its former glory.

Fresher Breath

Gum or teeth illness usually have the symptom of bad breath (halitosis). Bad breath is, for the most part, caused by gum infection; rotting food particles below the gum line, which are not reached by brushing and flossing; as well as teeth rotting. The removal of plaque and other bacteria greatly enhances your breath’s freshness and mitigates any irritation.

Many medical issues first present themselves to your dental specialist. Since prophylaxis includes a careful examination of your entire oral cavity, your dentist can screen you for oral diseases, assess the danger of teeth problems, and regularly spot indications of medical issues like diabetes and kidney issues. Suggestions from your dentist will also aid you in adjusting your dental routine for the specific concerns you have.

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