Here’s How Doctors Can Maximize Their Time For a Better Work-Life Balance

Easily manage appointments, administrative work, and more with these productivity tips for doctors.

Here’s How Doctors Can Maximize Their Time For a Better Work-Life Balance

As doctors, sleepless nights, emergency calls, and overtime work are unavoidable. Still, your duty as a health vanguard shouldn’t stop you from getting a more efficient work habits this 2021. You’re still human after all. And like many professionals, you deserve rest to manage your stress. To achieve a better work-life balance, maximizing your time more efficiently is important. We’re well our way into the first month of the year but it's not too late to revamp your work habits. Organize your schedule — from duty hours, clinic appointments, to online consultations — better this year with these simple doctor productivity tips:

Lay down your plans

Monthly schedule on a planner
Note down everything you need time for in a planner. Photo by Eric Rothermel / Unsplash

You probably already have a calendar filled with countless work-related appointments, so you know more or less when you’re off-duty and able to catch some rest. However, it would help you better if you’re able to dedicate time not only to your tasks in your clinic or hospital but also to your leisure time as well. You don’t necessarily need to detail out the activities you’re going to do during your free time, but blocking out the hours where you’re off from work helps.

Note down breaks and day-offs and try to actually stick to it. Of course, emergencies might happen during those moments, but in the case that they don’t, try to keep your mind off your work. Doing this will help establish breaks where you can put your mind to ease and simply recuperate energy.

Delegate tasks

This is especially helpful for those who have set up or plans to set up their clinical practice. Managing your clinic can be quite stressful. Not to mention, they take a huge chunk of your time. Aside from just meeting patients, you also have to manage their appointments for face-to-face or online consultations, and organize medical records and take charge of other administrative work.

Once you gain enough traction in your practice that you get a huge number of patients that would make managing these tasks quite impossible, consider hiring staff to offset the load. Delegate administrative work to a secretary and get the services of an accountant to manage your finances and taxes as well. With help, you’ll be able to completely focus your efforts on treating your patients and give them the healthcare they deserve.

Stethoscope and clinic tools
Ensure that the tools you often use are right where you need it.

Declutter and reorganize

The environment you work in highly affects your performance. If you have clinics and offices you frequently stay in, make sure the space is conducive to your work. Rid of unnecessary objects in your workstation and strategically place the supplies you would often need close to you. This will cut down all the time spent frantically searching for a record or a tool. A neat and organized space will help you focus on your work and go through your patients more quickly.

Take advantage of tech

We’re living in the 21st century where digital solutions are now readily available to help you with your practice. Incorporating technology in your operations, whether it is for the management of your accounts, schedule, and patients will be the biggest timesaver in your medical career.

While implementing these innovative changes to the workflow you’re used to maybe daunting, it’s well worth the effort you’re investing. Practitioners who are looking for a more convenient way to manage all their patient appointments, SeeYouDoc MD is here to help you out.

SeeYouDoc MD app for online consultations
By allowing medical practitioners like you to manage your schedule, do online consultations, and more, SeeYouDoc MD makes for a better healthcare experience for your patients.

Giving you tools to maximize your productivity with a calendar for appointments, the DOH-accredited platform will make dealing with patients seamless. Through the app, you can have your patients book not only physical and online consultations and pay for your services with just a few clicks. SeeYouDoc MD also allows you to send them corresponding e-prescriptions for a more hassle-free healthcare experience. Finally, because the app also allows you to share your practice and clinic information, you earn another avenue to gain more potential patients.

With the app certified compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), you can rest assured that you and your patients’ data are safe and secure. Register as a SeeYouDoc practitioner here or download the app from Play Store or the App Store to try it out.

Once your workflow becomes more seamless, you’ll have fewer issues to worry about. Get through your tasks as a medical professional efficiently with the help of these doctor productivity tips. In time, you'll finally be able to dedicate more time for yourself and your loved ones.