Drink More, Feel Great

The human body is made up of 60% water, so it is no surprise that we should consume a large amount of water to be hydrated. With the continuously increasing temperature, make sure to keep a bottle of water always with you to prevent heat stroke and dehydration.

Drink More, Feel Great

The human body is made up of 60% water, so it is no surprise that we should consume a  large amount of water to stay hydrated.

Nowadays however, with the increase in temperature, there also comes the increase of consumption of cold sugar beverages such as pre-packaged iced teas and carbonated drinks. These kinds of drinks may leave you with an initial feeling of refreshment, but with their high sugar content, these will never be able to quench your thirst for a long period of time. Although they may satiate it temporarily, these drinks will also affect your weight as well as the condition of your teeth, so make sure to grab for that bottle of water instead of soda!

Here is a short list of added benefits of drinking water:

Brain Power and Energy

Aside from grabbing for that cup of coffee when  you’re off to battle with your work or academics, make sure that you have enough water as well. Since the brain is made up of 73% water, drinking water will help you think, focus, concentrate, and stay alert. Furthermore, drinking water also increases your energy.

Dehydration not only affects your mood, but also reduces your cognitive and motor skills. And with your deadlines coming up, this is definitely something you want to avoid. If you ever feel any signs of dehydration, make sure to get a long and satisfying drink from your bottle of water!

Healthy Weight Management and Weight Loss

Water aides in the removal of fat by-products and also helps you feel more full. Not only does this act as a natural appetite suppressant, it can also improve your metabolism. Although research on water's impact to our metabolic functions is still ongoing, it has been tried and tested that you are less likely to eat more if you drink a couple glasses of water before a meal.

Improves Your Complexion

The skin is the largest organ we have, and just as it is for all organs, water is important for them to be able to function properly. If your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water it needs, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. Consequently, dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling. So make sure to drink enough water to be able to moisturize your skin, keep it soft, and avoid premature wrinkles.

Prevents Bad Breath

Everyone suffers from bad breath once in a while. However, very few people know that it is actually a clear sign of dehydration. Bad breath can be caused by the food that we eat, the food particles left in our mouths, as well as having a dry mouth. Drinking water helps wash away leftover food particles and oral bacteria that lead to bad breath. At the same time, it also hydrates your mouth and prevents it from getting dry.

Helps You With Hangovers

Drinking a copious amount of alcohol causes dehydration, which can lead to a hangover. The unforgiving consequences of alcohol can be prevented by simply drinking a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage.

If it’s too late and is already the next day, well don’t worry because water can still help! Water consumption helps your body flush out waste through sweat and urination. Our body is able to naturally detoxify through the use of the lungs, liver, and kidneys. Consider toxins the boats floating through your body. Water is the river that floats those toxins out. Make sure to not let the water level drop or the toxins make get stuck and cause harm.

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