Full Hearts: SeeYouDoc May 2022 Update

SeeYouDoc invites Doctors and Partners in its First Appreciation Lunch sponsored by Veterans Helping Veterans

Full Hearts: SeeYouDoc May 2022 Update

Author’s Note: This blog is being posted a week late, apologies as we’ve been busy! [Edit: Reposted due to images not showing correctly.]

Hello SeeYouDoc community!

Thursday, May 26 - I’m making a bold claim and say that the SeeYouDoc team is dominated by introverts. We dream big and work hard to make our mission happen everyday, but we’re also okay with doing it behind our computer screens – preferably near a full-blast fan or an air conditioner if we have it (can you believe this heatwave?) Since the pandemic, our team largely works from home so it’s always a special day when everyone gets together at our AIM-DBI office.

We’re excited to share with you some photos, and we hope they can bring you some love as we continue to work on innovating healthcare.

7:00 AM: We set out at the crack of dawn, having briefed the team the night before and making the necessary approvals weeks before. We even had a full itinerary prepared: a handful of team meetings in the morning, a DOST-PCHRD research study workshop, a partner clinic’s meet and doctor’s training, a social lunch with doctors and partners, an awarding ceremony and many more meetings after that.

..we were so busy and we couldn’t document it all! Lessons for next time, I guess.

8:00 AM: At SeeYouDoc, our day officially starts at 8 am. Everyone is bright-eyed, having long shaken off the sleepy embrace of the morning from the commute or from a full breakfast at a nearby food chain. Huddles across the departments are in full swing and our Customer Success teams are already assisting our customers.

Dr. Endriga with SeeYouDoc team discussing product ideas.

9:00 AM: Here’s Dr. David E. who arrived early for his training session at 10:30 am. Our own Ate Catt (in light blue) is here along with Kate (in white) and Moja (photographer) who as part of the product team are responsible for implementing feedback into the design of the next version of SeeYouDoc.

We took advantage of this opportunity to ask for Dr. David’s participation in our DOST-PCHRD study, how he uses Telemedicine in his work and how we can further improve the SeeYouDoc platform. Here’s Patrick (center, dark blue) and me (in shorts, nice to meet you 😆!) from business & marketing – listening in.11:30 AM: The atmosphere slowly became abuzz with cheerful talk and long overdue reunions as friends and colleagues slowly filled the room. We welcomed the new generation of doctors practicing under the Veterans Virtual Clinic and Kalesa Health who were our main audience as Dr. David leads the training session.

SeeYouDoc team with our guest doctors.

12:45 PM:  Say “Japanese”! Here’s part of the SeeYouDoc team, partners and doctors who were ready for lunch after the training session! Healthcare is still a priority so masks and disinfection are required upon entering but it’s always nice to put a face behind the masks for photo op sessions. On the menu was some mouth-watering Japanese cuisine at Botejyu co-sponsored by Veterans Helping Veterans and SeeYouDoc. It may mean a short walk to Greenbelt 3 – but a walk in the sun never hurt anyone!

A group photo with the SeeYouDoc team and guest Doctors!

1:00 PM: We gathered and dined as friends and family. The conversation was light and cheery and our introverted team got a chance to know our doctors on a more personal level. We ate so much that we forgot to take pictures. But here’s a selfie from Dr. AJ - our Chief Medical and Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at SeeYouDoc who is always camera ready!

Irasshaimase! - Botejyu Greenbelt, Makati City

The miso soup set us on the right course. Then we had pork tonkotsu ramen and grilled pork gyoza. We later also had servings of california maki sushi, prawn tempura and finished with creamy takoyaki treats. Yum!

Awarding of certificates to our beloved partners in SeeYouDoc.

1:30 PM: Next on our itinerary was the Awarding of Certificates. We wanted to give recognition to our hardworking team members, partners and doctors for their contributions to the SeeYouDoc platform as well as having a direct hand in the growth of the Veterans Virtual Clinic.

We also decided to host a little raffle session where some lucky souls took home 500 PHP worth of gift certificates! Everyone was given exclusive Veterans t-shirts and SeeYouDoc memorabilia to take home.

Oh and here’s a special photo of our Founder and CEO Noel del Castillo, getting his gift certificate as we greet him a Happy Birthday!

2:00 PM: With full hearts and full bellies, we went back to AIM-DBI to escort our guests and bid farewells trying to shake off the sinking sleepiness. For the SeeYouDoc team, we had two more hours before the end of shift and we still had a few final meetings, and a town hall to push through.

Another selfie with the SeeYouDoc team!

7:00 PM: It’s crazy how we actually went a little overtime here in this selfie so our CEO sir Noel treated us to free milk tea and donuts! There were just so many updates from everyone and we also got a glimpse as a team of the new designs for the next versions of SeeYouDoc. It got us fired up for the future of the SeeYouDoc platform and while we can’t share anything yet, it’s going to be amazing!

We also received the final update from Ate Catt, our kind hearted, talented Product Manager who has completed her term with us and is ready to move on with her next projects. She oversaw the designs of the next SeeYouDoc apps, turning your feedback into fixes and enhancements, which you will be able to enjoy soon. We wish you the best of luck, ate Catt! Thank you for everything!

And that’s a wrap!