The coronavirus or officially known as COVID-19 has already made its way in the Philippines and it is affecting the way our doctors perform their daily duties. Doctors from the Out-Patient-Department (OPD) are mostly affected.

The scary thing about Covid-19 is that it is so contagious that doctors are no exemption, they can get infected as they serve at the frontline.

This post intends to share insights on how SeeYouDoc can help doctors in this time of crisis.

Screening Process

Currently, walk-in patients are not advisable. Doctors will need to screen each patient first if they are positive for COVID-19 by asking a few questions.

Update: DOH launched hotlines for any inquiries about Covid-19 symptoms: Landline (02) 8942-6843 & PLDT, SMART, SUN, and TNT subscribers: 1515

In order to do this, SeeYouDoc offers two steps:

Step 1: Conduct a Pre-Consultation Advice (PCA) via Video Call

We call this PCA in short. Doctors can use their mobile device and conduct PCA to their patients. Both doctor and patient need to download the SeeYouDoc mobile app. They must have internet access to do this.

Doctors can set their PCA fee before the patient can call. This is a way for Doctors to earn from their service. Here's a link on how Doctors can setup PCA:

Meanwhile, patients will need to pay the corresponding PCA fee through credits.

Doctors earn credits in SeeYouDoc for every PCA call they conduct in which they can either cash-out via bank deposit or Paypal wallet if they reached the minimum cash-out of P5,000 per transaction.

Through PCA, Doctors can screen patients if they have COVID-19 and if they need to do a physical checkup.

Step 2: Conduct Physical Checkup with Online Appointment

The advantage with SeeYouDoc is that it empowers doctors to put all of their clinics and schedules within their account via the SeeYouDoc MD app. We advice doctors to set this up so that their patients can have the option to choose the nearest clinic in their area. Here's the link on how to setup your clinic:

Now that the patient has been screened, doctors can advice their patients to book an appointment with them on their preferred clinic and schedule. In this way, the patient does not need to wait on queue in the clinic and comply with "social-distancing."

Here are the steps to book an appointment:

  • Search and select a doctor
  • Select a schedule
  • Specify details as a patient and define your purpose of check up
  • Then, book

As a patient, you will get an email notification about your appointment. The doctor will get notified as well that they have an appointment for approval.

Do doctors need to pay anything?

None. We earn through transaction fees:

  • For PCA, we simply charge a 30% transaction fee based on the PCA call fee the doctor specified to cover our expenses and taxes. This is paid by the patient not the doctor.
  • For Online Appointments, it's free to use for both doctors and patients.

If doctors set a free PCA, then patients don't need to pay anything.

Let's Fight COVID-19 Together

SeeYouDoc, as a Filipino-owned company, was created to help Filipino doctors connect with their patients using online technologies.

Now that the healthcare system is in need of online technologies, we are here to help.