Radio Guesting: Radyo Agila

SeeYouDoc was a guest on Radyo Agila last July 14. Find out here what went down on the live broadcast!

Radio Guesting: Radyo Agila

Last Saturday, July 14, SeeYouDoc was invited to Radyo Agila, a news and talk radio station AM station of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation. Along with other entrepreneurial experts and businesses, Noel Del Castillo and Ryan Salvanera, the CEO and COO respectively of SeeYouDoc, were both invited to talk more about their company and experiences.

“SeeYouDoc is an application na kung saan kapag kailangan mo ng doktor, pupunta ka lang sa [website namin], at hahanapin mo kung anong klase ng doktor at location ng doktor na iyon, ang kailangan mo.  Pagkatapos pag nag-click ka na ng search, makakahanap ka na ng doktor na malapit sa iyo (SeeYouDoc is an application wherein if you need a doctor, you just go to [our website] and look for the kind of doctor as well as the location of the doctor, that you need. After you click search, a list of doctors will appear near you,)” Noel Del Castillo explains.

Dr. Louie Ocampo, the Vice President of Essensa Naturale adds that, “para siyang Grab o Uber (it’s like Grab or Uber.)” Except that instead of looking for any transportation modes, you look for doctors.

Aside from being a website where you can look for doctors, it was explained that SeeYouDoc can also be used to book appointments. Once registered, you just have to click the ‘Book Appointment’ button and you can already choose from the available time slots for a particular doctor. The available times for our doctors are also accurate since we get this information directly from out medical practitioners.

Matatanggap ng doktor [pag nag-schedule ka ng appointment], and booked ka na for that time, (The doctor will receive a notification if you schedule an appointment, and you’re basically booked for that time,)” Salvanera adds.

El Pangulayan Buelva, the host of Radyo Agila, even boldly predicts that in two years time, SeeYouDoc will certainly “boom.”

Rooted In Experience

The core mission of SeeYouDoc is to help both patients and doctors, and although SeeYouDoc has competitors, Del Castillo explains that what sets SeeYouDoc apart from the competition is that “it is free for patients and doctors.”

Salvanera shares that he had his own fair share of experience when it comes to manually booking appointments. “Noong dinadala ko ang mom ko before sa hospital, maghihintay pa kami ng ilang oras. Pupunta kami doon ng 6AM, and maghihintay kami hanggang 11AM. So when Noel came up with this idea, naisip ko talaga ay kailangan talaga ‘to ng tao (When I had to bring my mom to the hospital, we’d have to wait for hours. We’d have to go there at 6AM, and wait until 11AM. So when Noel came up with this idea, I really thought that this was something people needed,)” he shares.

SeeYouDoc helps you book your appointments efficiently, doing away with time and effort consuming commutes going to hospitals, as well as the hours spent in the hospital because of the long queue. Aside from these, if you’re new to a location and clueless on who you can contact, we give you the needed information you need about our doctors such as their background, years of specialization, and schedule

Open To All

Aside from this, SeeYouDoc is also open to dentists and veterinarians. “[Mayroon kaming] mga doktor, dentista, at beterinerya. Kahit sino na mayroong medical facility o clinic na gusto nilang malagay online para mahanap sila ng mga tao, pwedeng-pwede sa amin iyon, (We have doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. Any medical practitioner who has a facility or clinic that they want to publish online so that they can get more patients are welcome to register on SeeYouDoc,)” Del Castillo explains.

As for the rates of their services, the option to place these on the doctors’ profile is up to the medical practitioners themselves. Currently, to register as a medical practitioner on SeeYouDoc is free of charge. As long as you have a license that we can verify at PRC, you can easily sign up and be part of our roster of medical practitioners.

During the radio broadcast, the possible enhancements of SeeYouDoc were also discusses. Dr. Ocampo, a practitioner of alternative medicine, made us see the value of possibly branching out outside medicinal practices. His insight was very helpful and will be studied to make sure that we have a wide array of treatments to choose from.

The topic of using the application for emergencies has also been brought up. For now, SeeYouDoc’s main purpose is to book appointments, and if ever there is a medical emergency that needs immediate attention, the best option to use is to call 911.

We’d like to thank Radyo Agila as well as Professor El Pangulayan Buelva, the host of the show, for having us. Guesting on Radyo Agila was a great opportunity for SeeYouDoc to be able to make itself more known to the public. At the same time, garnering feedback from the host and guest, who is a professional in the field of medicine and business, only spurs us to better our services and features.

For an application that was launched this January 2018, the future is big and bright for SeeYouDoc, and with constant revision, we aim to serve the public and produce the highest quality of service that we can offer.

Watch the full video of our live radio broadcast here:

If you’re interested to know more about SeeYouDoc, you can send business emails at [email protected]! We are open to application demos and other possible partnerships.