SeeYouDoc at Techtonic Summit 2018

The experience of being able to meet people who are in the same field as you and experience similar things is something that is irreplaceable memorable, and Techtonic Summit 2018 was exactly that.

SeeYouDoc at Techtonic Summit 2018

The state of the Philippine’s technological startup industry is constantly developing to new heights, and the Techtonic Summit is held every year because of this. This summit aims to celebrate and showcase various technological startups which are all ingenious and innovative in their own ways.

Last June 22-23 was the Techtonic Summit 2018 which was held in Mall of Asia, SMX Hall 4. SeeYouDoc attended the event and had occupied a booth for the two days. After weeks of preparation, we were proud to present the public the different features of SeeYouDoc.

From students, to foreigners, we explained to them the main purpose of SeeYouDoc, which is to make booking doctor appointments easier. People from different backgrounds visited our booth to know more about our solution to an aspect of healthcare.

The current focus of SeeYouDoc is to slowly increase our users as well as the number of practitioners and facilities to provide people who are looking for healthcare providers a wider and more varied selection to ask help from.

We also took this opportunity to gauge the interest of people about our solution and, based on the number of registrants and inquiries, we were reaffirmed that this was indeed a pain point worth solving.

Although the mobile application is still in the works, rest assured that the applications for the practitioners and users will be deployed at the latter part of this year.

Techtonic Summit has provided SeeYouDoc an avenue to bring in more users to our website. Aside from this, it was also an event where we were able to learn more about the different startups who were also part of the event.

The two day event was filled with talks from various, prominent keynote speakers, networking, as well as the final leg of the competition where one winner was chosen out of the top 20 finalists after they had each given talks about their respective companies.

The whole experience only pushed and inspired us to constantly improve and do better, especially after hearing from all of the great startups in the Philippines and the impacts that they are doing to our people and community.

Innovation and perseverance is at the core of technological startups, and in events like these, to be able to converge with other companies  and freely discuss our experiences in the field is rare and valuable as any other treasure.