SeeYouDoc Exhibits Tech Innovation in the First Nationwide Filipino Startup Conference

SeeYouDoc among 40 innovative startups in the Philippine Startup Week 2019 that showcased its tech innovation in the medical industry during the Tech Advantag summit held in Crowne Plaza Galleria, Ortigas City last November 21.

SeeYouDoc Exhibits Tech Innovation in the First Nationwide Filipino Startup Conference

A first in the local startup arena is the nationwide collaboration of the Filipino startup community from all over the Philippines to celebrate the Philippine Startup Week 2019 (PHSW19).

This national event is organized by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), QBO Innovation Hub, and various agencies who also worked together to make it possible to conduct different tech summits simultaneously.

The five-day conference with the theme, “Showcasing the Filipino Startup Community to the World” started on November 18-22 held at 11 cities nationwide with main summits located at the Crowne Plaza Galleria, Ortigas City, and over 60 community events around the Philippines, each highlighting entrepreneurship and tech innovations of Philippine startups and startup enablers.

SeeYouDoc was among the 40 startups chosen by the organizing committee to participate in PHSW19 and be part of DICT’s Tech Advantage last November 21.

Tech Advantage is one of the three main summits that highlights the available options for the early-stage and provincial initiatives, driving conversations about impact-generation and further development of Philippine information and communications technology agenda.

Through Tech Advantage, SeeYouDoc was able to showcase to the Filipino startup community its web and mobile platforms built to provide a comprehensive experience for patients and healthcare providers.

SeeYouDoc enables patients to book their medical appointments and have expert medical advice anytime and anywhere right through their mobile phones. Meanwhile, SeeYouDoc also has web and mobile applications to help doctors, hospital administrators, and medical societies to manage their schedule, profile, facilities, and more.

With its Freemium business model, SeeYouDoc serves as a bridge that connects Filipino citizens to advance healthcare services.

Noel del Castillo, CEO of SeeYouDoc envisions a future where everyone’s basic healthcare needs are easily accessible online.

In lieu of PHSW19’s goal to recognize how far Filipino start-ups have come and how farther they can go with visions and initiatives such as SeeYouDoc, the startup community in the Philippines really has the strong potential to keep up with today’s tech trends and can definitely find sustainable solutions in various societal problems.

The Philippine government is full support to the Filipino startup community through the Republic Act No. 11337 or the Innovative Startup Act and Republic Act 11293 or the Philippine Innovation Act, which foresees the Philippines as one of the leading countries in developing and disrupting start-up concepts.

“The signing of the Innovative Startup Act is just the first step. We’re seeing more collaborations happening in the future. This is just one of them. We are excited to bring all the innovative startups in the country to meet fellow startup founders, share and learn from their success stories, and showcase the power of technology and innovation,” said DICT Secretary Gregorio Honasan II in a press release published by DTI.

The National Government sees more collaborations to take place with the startup community in the future as it believes that this will bring investments, job opportunities and contribute to the development of the economy.

The PHSW19 has given SeeYouDoc the opportunity to meet other innovative startups in the country and will continue to create opportunities for the Filipino startup community to come together to share success stories, showcase technological innovations, discuss new business models, and learn from each other.