SeeYouDoc Launches New App for Hospitals

SeeYouDoc had completed the deployment of its new app dedicated to hospitals to help them manage their own website and develop a sustainable online presence.

SeeYouDoc Launches New App for Hospitals

SeeYouDoc had completed the deployment of its new app dedicated to hospitals.

Today, February 4, SeeYouDoc officially launched SeeYouDoc MH, a web app that aims to help hospital owners and administrators to manage their website.

SeeYouDoc’s CEO, Noel del Castillo wants to help hospital administrators to create a website that will promote the services they offer and develop their online presence.

Creating your website for your business is an important and powerful communication tool to connect with people here and abroad. As you build a website, you begin to reach a wider market. For this instance, your patients and potential clients not only locally but internationally as well.

With SeeYouDoc MH, you can introduce the services you are currently or soon-to-be offering in your hospital.

What’s in store for you with SeeYouDoc MH

SeeYouDoc MH features a customizable website that suits your needs. A website that is practical and easy to manage without compromising your standards and business identity.

SeeYouDoc MH also provides a Content Management System (CMS) portal to help you create, manage, and modify digital content on your website. You can publish newsletters, images, videos, and promos conveniently.

SeeYouDoc MH integrates with doctors, facilities, and patients. This means that you can manage your doctors, your facilities, and patients on one site. Existing and new patients may visit your website and directly book an appointment with a doctor or schedule a procedure with your facility hassle-free. Patients can also make direct and secure online payments on your website. Meanwhile, part of its enhancement is to help hospital administrators to monitor your affiliated doctors by receiving a notification when their credentials are about to expire and need to be renewed.

Other features include an advanced search engine that allows web visitors and users to immediately see relevant and specific results when they try to look for keywords or information about your hospital.

What’s more, is that SeeYouDoc MH provides you a job portal where you can post vacancy in your hospital and let applicants upload their resumes so you can quickly review them and eventually grow your team of professionals.

You can imagine how much of a relief this will be for your administrators all day and night, every day. You can direct your patients and potential customers through the website as SeeYouDoc MH promises a site available 24/7 for everyone’s information.

SeeYouDoc MH first success

As SeeYouDoc thrives in the medical tech industry and captures influence in the eastern part of the Metro, it was able to successfully seal a partnership with Metro Antipolo Hospital and Medical Center Inc. (MAHMCI) last December.

MAHMCI is located along Marcos Highway in Antipolo City. MAHMCI offers state-of-the-art medical equipment and quality medical services.

With the partnership, doctors affiliated in the hospital are being onboarded with SeeYouDoc MD, an app for doctors where they can manage their professional profiles, schedules, and appointments.

This has opened a door for another opportunity for the SeeYouDoc team to introduce SeeYouDoc MH to the management of MAHMCI to support their quality medical services further.

Right now, SeeYouDoc has successfully deployed on the web and is now up and running.

Noel said that SeeYouDoc will start rolling out its web app for hospitals and introduce it to more potential clients and investors.

Like MAHMCI, SeeYouDoc MH is your marketing ally. Create your space on the internet with SeeYouDoc MH. Call 79335573 or email at [email protected] now.

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