SeeYouDoc, Nine Others, Win QBO Innovation Hub’s ‘RESQUE: Startups vs. COVID-19’ Competition

SeeYouDoc, a telemedicine platform, was named as one of ten winners of QBO Innovation Hub’s “RESQUE: Startups vs COVID-19” competition.

SeeYouDoc, Nine Others, Win QBO Innovation Hub’s ‘RESQUE: Startups vs. COVID-19’ Competition

SeeYouDoc, a telemedicine platform, was named as one of ten winners of QBO Innovation Hub’s “RESQUE: Startups vs COVID-19” competition. The nationwide contest aims to recognize the 10 startups with the most compelling COVID-19 related innovations and pivot strategies to ensure business sustainability by addressing the new challenges faced by Filipinos in the new normal.

The competition was organized by startup incubator QBO Innovation Hub, in partnership with Youth Business International (YBI) and Google’s philanthropic arm,

Chosen from a wide range of industries such as education, medical care, technology, agriculture, and finance, each winner will receive PHP 100,000 cash prize to help boost the development of better products and services as well as to expand reach to allow more people to access them.

SeeYouDoc Founder and CEO Noel Del Castillo presenting at QBO's "Virtual Demo Day"

The selection process was very competitive. We received an overwhelming response of over 100 entries in a few weeks, but in the end, we’re extremely proud of the startups making it through. I hope Demo Day brought a glimmer of optimism and hope in these challenging times,” said Katrina Rausa Chan, Director of QBO.

The winning startups will undergo 2 months of support programs such as business consultations with industry leaders aimed at providing technical and business know-how to better equip them as they navigate the business landscape amid the COVID-19 crisis.

This is a huge win for us. Our efforts in building a telemedicine platform for patients and doctors have been validated. The guidance and support that this program offers will help us grow and continue our mission in improving our healthcare industry,said  Noel Del Castillo, Founder and CEO of SeeYouDoc.

Here are the 10 winning startups of QBO’s ‘RESQUE: Startups vs. COVID-19’ competition:

Agro-DigitalPH (Agriculture)

A startup that provides an e-commerce portal for cooperatives and small farmer organizations to consolidate their assets and capabilities to match produce with demand from both retail and institutional consumers for a more sustainable business.

Eskwelabs (EdTech)

An online learning platform geared towards building skills for individuals and teams to succeed in an increasingly data-driven world. Eskwelabs provides free online courses, self-paced lessons, as well as flexible ‘pay-what-you-can’ tuition models to cater specifically to learners who might be affected by the COVID-19 situation.

Filipina Homebased Moms (Education and Job Matching)

A support group for mothers transitioning to freelance jobs and entrepreneurship. The group provides training, e-commerce tools, and job-matching to enable mothers to achieve the lifestyle they envision for them and their family.

Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise, Inc. (Tech)

Provides reliable, secure, easily deployable and affordable solutions to connect devices for real-time intelligent monitoring and management of resources.  In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the company helped develop Ruwah 2.0 Oxygen concentrator, a temporary respirator a patient can use until a ventilator becomes available.

NextPay (Finance)

A one-stop payment platform specifically catering to MSMEs and entrepreneurs. NextPay allows business owners to easily manage their finances such as payroll and supplier payments without the costly requirements and limitations common to traditional bank services

Rumarocket (Recruitment and Tech)

Provides an AI tool that helps companies identify, optimize, and retain the right talent for the right positions to meet the right needs of companies at the right time. Recognizing the importance of mental health during the COVID-19 crisis, Rumarocket developed an AI model that can look at benchmarked depression and anxiety scores to provide free assessment and results to individuals.

SeeYouDoc (Health and Medical Care)

A telemedicine app that allows users to receive health care services online anywhere anytime. With the coronavirus, patients are recognizing both the convenience and the safety of telemedicine as an alternative for in-person clinic visits in addressing minor health care needs such as consultations and doctor prescriptions.

SukiPlus (Finance and Lending)

A platform that connects unbanked micro-entrepreneurs to mainstream financial institutions, using alternative data and retail solutions to help them get access to working capital loans at more reasonable rates.

Twala (Tech)

An e-signature platform that uses advanced Ethereum blockchain for a secure, private, and legally binding digital signature. The technology allows the signing of any digitized document using any device, thus reducing contract cycle time from weeks to just minutes.

Zagana (e-Commerce and Agriculture)

Zagana is an online platform for fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a social enterprise that aims to uplift the lives of our Filipino farmers by allowing consumers to purchase safe and healthy produce directly from local farmers to your kitchen.