The Deal With Over-The-Counter Medicine

The Deal With Over-The-Counter Medicine

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs or medicine are medicine that patients can buy without the prescription of a doctor. They are also very popular amongst the Filipino people, since there are various drugstores which can be found in different parts of town which do not require a prescription.

Although the intake of OTC drugs are relatively safe, some (especially painkillers) can be dangerous when taken without the guidance of a doctor. For example, paracetamols (commonly used to relieve pain and fight high fevers) are generally safe while other antibiotics may actually worsen your sickness if viral.

The Philippines and OTC Medicine

In the Philippines, OTC medicine is very common. Many people have paracetamol on hand just in case they suddenly feel under the weather or if a sudden headache appears. However, because there are numerous drugstores which do not require a prescription from doctors, some Filipinos have taken to self-prescribing their medicine.

It is always better to get medicines on prescription from your doctor instead of blindly buying medicine which you think can help you. Doctors are trained medical professionals in different fields, and are knowledgeable in differentiating the numerous illnesses in existence as well their cures and treatments.

Your doctor will know best on what medicine will be the most effective, and will even check up on you after a few days whether or not what they prescribed you was effective. On the other hand, the pharmacist will double check that the prescribed medicine are safe for you to take, and will even give you advice on how to use the medicine as well as their other possible effects.

OTC Danger

Self-prescribing medicine has various dangers, and one of them is that some cannot be mixed together. Some drugs, when taken at the same time, may even create an adverse effect on top of the symptoms you feel.

Some may argue  that these things can simply be searched on the internet. However, the information found online are often lacking some details. After being trained for years and taking various medical classes, doctors know best with regards to what substances can and cannot be taken together.

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