SeeYouDoc Builds Mobile App Innovation to Respond to Telemedicine Demand in the Age of a Global Pandemic

New and enhanced SeeYouDoc features will aid a sustainable healthcare system for a better normal as the country imposes modified measures for social distancing.

SeeYouDoc Builds Mobile App Innovation to Respond to Telemedicine Demand in the Age of a Global Pandemic

SeeYouDoc made a great deal of improvements as a telehealth platform that will enable patients and doctors across the Philippines to be more connected and experience safer and convenient medical appointments and consultations.

Now more than ever, the telehealth industry, including start-ups such as SeeYouDoc, is answering the call to deliver health care services from a distance.

Three months since Metro Manila was placed under “community quarantine,” which prohibits non-essential activities and forcing communities to stay home to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), SeeYouDoc has shown the significance and impact of providing remote health care services to the general public.

SeeYouDoc is streamlining telehealth services for patients, doctors, medical facilities, and medical societies through its web and mobile apps.

Ensuring safety through SeeYouDoc Patient app

There are now three easy ways to consult with SeeYouDoc partner doctors in its mobile app for patients. SeeYouDoc has made it possible to:

  • Book online consultations in advance
  • Make direct pre-consultation advice via video call
  • Book medical appointments

With the new “Online Consult via appointment,” patients can now set a schedule ahead for their online consultation. This feature, together with the “Online Consult via direct call” and “Book Appointment,” which are already featured in the SeeYouDoc mobile app, are displayed in the doctor’s SeeYouDoc profile.

In addition to the advance booking of consultations that can be done using a mobile device, SeeYouDoc also set up its e-prescription feature to complete the telehealth experience for patients. In this way, patients can now download authenticated prescriptions from SeeYouDoc partner doctors. This feature can be accessed anytime by patients by going through their appointment details.

These new features benefit patients as these are more convenient and safer for those who have health questions and common illnesses and who would want to avoid leaving their homes and are concerned about their safety.

Supporting doctors’ remote consultation through SeeYouDoc MD

SeeYouDoc has been constantly gathering information from its partner doctors to deliberately address their specific concerns and interests as a health care provider.

The improvements in the SeeYouDoc MD mobile app for doctors include:

  • Enhanced login and register
  • Improved online consultations
  • Add medical notes
  • Send e-prescription
  • Access to the medical history of patients

SeeYouDoc made it easier to register as a practitioner and login to the doctor’s account with the enhanced and straightforward registration and login process.

In relation to the new consultation features in the patient app, SeeYouDoc partner doctors, on the other hand, can now conduct more manageable online consultations with their patients as they can suitably prepare for a scheduled online consultation or answer to direct pre-consultation advice requests from their patients anywhere via video call.

The SeeYouDoc MD app now also offers the ability to add medical notes during and after online consultations. More significantly, SeeYouDoc has upgraded its practitioner app by allowing its partner doctors to fill out and send e-prescriptions to their patients. These e-prescriptions, as mentioned earlier, are downloadable and authentic as it bears the practitioner’s digital signature and professional license number.

Mock-up image for adding online prescription

The availability of e-prescriptions has served a valuable advantage to the telemedicine industry today. With SeeYouDoc being able to have this feature accessible and doable in the SeeYouDoc MD app for doctors, it is a huge step in its goal in supporting practitioners to achieve complete remote medical consultations.

SeeYouDoc further established access to the medical history of patients to help SeeYouDoc partner doctors understand and carry out effective treatment of their patients’ illnesses and health conditions. In this way, SeeYouDoc partner doctors are better equipped to respond to the health needs of their patients in the best possible way.

SeeYouDoc to scale more

The goal of the SeeYouDoc platform is to build an innovative solution and comprehensive access for healthcare providers and patients to their medical needs whenever and wherever they are.

These new enhancements on the SeeYouDoc’s patient and practitioner apps are pivotal in shaping the concept of receiving and providing health care services remotely to a diverse market of patients and doctors.

Despite the unprecedented times brought about by the pandemic, SeeYouDoc ensures that there are more innovations in its pipeline including its SeeYouDoc MC app for clinics, SeeYouDoc MH app for medical facilities, and SeeYouDoc MS app for medical societies, as it continues to adapt and identify customer needs and demands.

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