Simple Ways Moms Can Help Fight Against the Pandemic

In this post, we’ve listed some things moms can do to help fight against the pandemic.

Simple Ways Moms Can Help Fight Against the Pandemic
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Written by: Liezel Marjorie Clarke

If there’s anything that this coronavirus pandemic has proven, it’s that we all need to work together to slow the spread of COVID and minimize its impact on our communities. We’ve all had a long year when a lot of people lost their jobs and faced severe economic upheaval ⁠— and some even had loved ones who fell victim to the COVID-19 virus.

As a mom, you’re going to do all it takes to make sure that your family stays protected and safe during these tough times. However, you can do so much more than just keep your family safe indoors. Through simple ways, you can also go beyond your home and extend help to your community.

In this post, we’ve listed some things you can do to help fight against the pandemic.

Continue to practice basic hygiene

Basic hygiene remains to be one of the most effective tools to help us push back on this virus. To further encourage your family to practice good hygiene, make sure that they can easily access hygiene products. For one, always make sure that your family is well-supplied with hand sanitizers and disposable face masks whenever they go out. You can also opt for effective and comfortable reusable face masks to reduce the environmental impact of disposable masks. Plus, they're easy to wash by hand or machine and will save you money too. On top of this, it's good to remind your family to wash their hands properly whenever they can ⁠— but especially after they head out and before eating.

Be sure to check on your loved ones

As health directives highly encourage everyone to stay at home as much as possible, many of us are bound to feel isolated and lonely. True enough, it is reported that many people around the world are suffering from stress and anxiety brought about by the pandemic. For this reason, it’s important for us to constantly check on our loved one and other people in the community who might not have a strong emotional support system. Whether you message them on Facebook Messenger or video call them through Viber, you’d be surprised how much of a positive impact you’re making on other people's lives by simply checking on them.

Stay away from crowds and virus hotspots

COVID-19 primarily spreads through close contact between individuals. For this reason, it is best that you try to avoid virus hotspots such as hospitals, groceries, and other places where people tend to frequent. However, staying away from these places can be difficult, especially since some of these provide essential services. In this regard, try to check first if the service or product that you need can be accessed remotely. For example, you may employ our telehealth services if you need medical advice and help as we can connect you with various healthcare specialists who can attend to the medical needs of your family. In addition, you can also take advantage of various delivery and food service applications so you avoid going into high-risk areas like restaurants and supermarkets.

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Support our healthcare workers

Today, our healthcare workers bear the brunt of this pandemic. Everyone in the healthcare industry ⁠— especially those who work inside our hospitals ⁠— have put their lives and safety on the line to make sure that everyone gets the medical care they need. In this regard, we should try to appreciate our healthcare workers more for what they do and support them from a safe distance. The least that we could do is abide by safety protocols and be more patient whenever we visit hospitals. If you want to go the extra mile, you can arrange a meal or snack delivery to your local healthcare center, but be sure to call in advance first to check if they have specific donation and drop-off rules.

Through the simple steps we’ve listed above, you can help your family and community fight back against the pandemic. For more insights and news about the pandemic and our healthcare system, do check our other posts on the blog.